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13 days adventure and sailing from Samos to Rhodes, Greece

Experience the diversity and beauty of each Island in the Dodecanese. You’ll be guided by some of the most dedicated and friendly staff while a new twist to your adventure gets added every day.

the highlights

  • Activities: Cultural tour, hiking, scuba diving, climbing, yoga and horse riding, sea kayaking
  • Majestic harbour of Symi Town and its music and food culture
  • Volcano Island of Nisyros, where you will walk the crater of this active mythical giant in the morning and laze about in the quaint villages in the afternoon
  • Beaches in Lipsi, Arkoi, Marathi and Halki with the crystalline waters and abundant local seaside cuisine will bring you close to Greek Island life
  • Enjoy the experience and rejuvenation of natural thermal pools
  • Breathtaking bays of Patmos during the day, and the opportunity to hit the dance-floor after the sunset

the details

Vessel Type_ Standard Sailing Catamaran
Capacity_ Up to 8 travellers
Services_ Skipper + Activity Guides
Extra inclusions_ Cultural Guided tour_ Scuba diving_ Climbing_ Mountain Bike tour_ Hiking_
Recommended Period_ April to June_September to November


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additional activities & services

sea kayaking_
horse riding_
local food and wine tasting_

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onboard yoga instructor_ watersports gear_