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7 days culture and sailing from Athens to Mykonos, Greece

Sail with us along ancient trading routes, explore prehistoric ruins, ancient temples and uninhabited ancient Islands. Get to know the stories of the people, their music, and the evolution of local arts and crafts.

the highlights

  • Ancient sanctuary of Delos - one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece
  • Galleries and museums of Syros, the Capital of the Aegean
  • The baron island of Gyaros where people where exiled or imprisoned throughout history
  • All the culture and flare of the world-famous Mykonos town
  • Outstanding bays, white sand beaches and crystal blue waters
  • Swim, Sail, Eat, Repeat

the details

Vessel Type_ Premium Sailing Catamaran
Capacity_ Up to 6 travellers
Services_ Skipper + Hostess/Cook
Extra inclusions_ Meals Service
Recommended Period_ April to June_September to November


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additional activities & services

scuba diving_
local food and wine tasting_ ceramics lesson_

onboard yoga instructor_ watersports gear_