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7 days hiking and sailing from Kos to Rhodes, Greece 

Navigate through some of the most magical walking paths to find charming remote villages and ruins. Enjoy the view alongside spectacular ridges, around breathtaking natural sites and over a Volcano Island. Make your way across the land for an afternoon rendezvous with your yacht and a refreshing dip in some of the clearest waters Greece has to offer.

the highlights

  • Volcano Island of Nisyros, where you will walk the crater of this active mythical giant in the morning and laze about in the quant villages in the afternoon enjoying the abundant local cuisine
  • Explore castles, fortresses and towers throughout the journey, dating from medieval to ancient times. All with their own story
  • Medieval town of Rhodes, where modern Greece meets the not too distant past throughout every day life
  • Picturesque south-coast of Chalki with its clear waters and hidden cave complexes  
  • Enjoy the experience and rejuvenation of natural thermal springs while nestled in nature

the details

Vessel Type_ Standard Sailing Monohull
Capacity_ Up to 8 travellers
Services_ Skipper + Hike Leader
Recommended Period_ April to June_September to November



additional activities & services

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cultural tour_
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