Our Story


waternative was born in 2007 as a service allowing boat charters to combine water and land activities along their journeys through Greece. 

Our purpose: to share the precious local secrets and experiences of this truly beautiful part of the world.

Today, we are a full-service sailing, adventure, and soft adventure service provider with one fundamental philosophy:


We promise to extend the warmest hospitality to you while we celebrate the sea, the land, the people, and the local culture in every unique location we visit.


Kalymnos Kayak centre

In 2014 the waternative family grew with the opening of the Kalymnos Kayak Centre (KKC).

From this island outpost waternative now offers both land and sea services direct to those who are looking to explore the world famous 'adventure island' of Kalymnos.

From guided sailing, or speedboat, day trips for rock climbers, kayakers and swimmers of all ages and levels - to solo kayak and boat rentals - the KKC has a multitude of service offerings to fit any kind of explorer.


Our Responsibility


Our love for the wild comes with an obligation to preserve the beauty of its wilderness. We strive to protect nature by educating our clients, guiding them through the rawest and purest beauty of the Greek Isles, by the most ancient form of sea travel.