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12 days of climbing and sailing from Kos to Santorini, Greece

Sail across both the Dodecanese and Cyclades Island complexes to some of the most breathtaking climbing locations the Mediterranean has to offer. Enjoy the diversity, culture and nightlife of 19 islands - as the sea and land come together to shape your unique climbing adventure.

the highlights

  • World famous climbing destination Kalymnos with its abundance of climbing across all styles and levels
  • Crystalline beaches of Milos - known as the best beaches in the Aegean
  • Kinaros with its breathtaking vertical climbs and the most picturesque medium and advanced ‘trad’ summits in the Aegean
  • Folgandros and Amorgos top off the climbers dream with many hidden surprises for all levels
  • Best all round sailing experience, which will pick-up and delight any budding sailor

the details

Vessel Type_ Standard Catamaran
Capacity_ up to 8 travellers
Services_ Skipper + Mountain Guide
Type_ Sport > Deep Water > Multipitch
Recommended Period_ April to June_September to November


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additional activities & services

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