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7 days adventure and sailing from Mykonos to Santorini, Greece

A relatively short sailing trip between these two famous Islands, but not before a few beautiful stops and some fun! Discover your very own adventure through a diverse set of land and water activities. You’ll be guided by some of the most dedicated and friendly staff while a new twist to your experience gets added every day.

the highlights

  • Each day unlocks a new adventure - Archaeological tour in Delos, Hiking, Scuba Diving, Kitesurfing, Climbing, Walking tour to the famous Caldera – plus all the daily sailing, swimming and soaking up the Greek sun
  • Enjoy the sites, sounds, shopping and nightlife of the world famous Mykonos, Paros  and Santorini Island trio
  • Breathtaking bays of Ios during the day, and the opportunity to hit the dance-floor after the sunset
  • Unique views and ambience of the Caldera in Santorini, a truly unique experience

the details

Vessel Type_ Standard Sailing Monohull
Capacity_ Up to 8 travellers
Services_ Skipper + Activity Guides
Extra inclusions_ Cultural Guided Tour_ Scuba diving_ Kitesurfing_ Climbing_ Hiking_ Walking Tour_ Archeological site entrance_
Recommended Period_ April to June_September to November


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additional activities & services

sea kayak_
windsurf onboard_ watersports_
local food and wine tasting_

onboard hostess_
onboard yoga instructor_ watersports gear_