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We always encouraged each guest in the party to fill out their own individual food preference forms. This helps to keep everyone involved, and gives the cook a much better overview of everyone's tastes.

If two or more people have similar tastes, they can put both their names in the field below and submit the form jointly. If you prefer to simply summarise the group's tastes on one form, we suggest that the Crew Leader (main contact for the group) at least contacts the rest of the group to see if they have any particular likes, dislikes or allergies, etc...

Please Note:
Although we ask for each guest's preferences, the cook generally prepares only one option per meal (unless there are young children aboard), so it is not always possible to comply with everyone's requests every evening, particularly if guests have widely differing tastes.

Although the menu will be largely set prior to the voyage, plenty of opportunity will be available to add and change things prior to setting sale and within reason during the trip. Our goal is to make it as delicious an experience as possible.

Please give as much detail as possible - the cook has to rely on what you write and will try hard to plan meals that fit your preferences.

Your group name will be provided in the email invitation attached to this form.
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Date of Embarkation
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Note: Continental breakfast is the norm in the mediterranean
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Rather than specifying a particular dish, we suggest you describe the type of meal you enjoy and allow the cook to use his/her talents and imagination.
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Note: Lunch is generally a less elaborate, single course meal (salads, sandwiches etc.). Please comment below if you would like a larger midday meal.
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Other essential dietary requirements
Please indicate any snack preferences and we will do our best to include them in the provisions list.
If wine is important to you please give as much detail about your preferences as possible. Grape type etc. Mixers should be included as well as specific labels and beer types.
Subject to local availability