Themed Experience

You may choose to climb the iconic Kalymnos and sail from crag to crag, or simply watch the adrenaline junkies from the boat, so you can focus on the tastes and delights of Greek cuisine. We tailor vacations to all ages, interests, and experience levels. The pace and adventure-level of your trip is determined by you.


experience 6 - climbing northern Dodecanese, all levels

7 days of climbing and sailing in the northern dodecanese

Travel to the historic Dodecanese Island of Kos and begin your climbing adventure by boat! Enjoy th picturesque partnership of the sea and the land as you sail through the world class rock climbing destination of Kalymnos and the secret crags of the surrounding Islands.


experience 7 - climbing cyclades & dodecanese, all levels

12 days of climbing and sailing from kos to santorini

Sail across both the Dodecanese and Cyclades Island complexes to some of the most breathtaking climbing locations the Mediterranean has to offer. Enjoy the diversity, culture and nightlife of 18 Islands - as the sea and land come together to shape your unique climbing adventure.


experience 8 - climbing, all levels

7 days of climbing and sailing the saronic gulf & Peloponnese  

Set sail from Athens across the Saronic Gulf to discover the best Sport climbing spots of this now well known climbing region. Make your way up the most challenging climbs of the Peloponnese and the surrounding Islands, with alternates for all levels plus some Trad.


experience 9 - hiking cyclades, all levels

6 days of hiking and sailing from athens to mykonos

Make your way across the Aegean by sea and land. Discover the rugged landscapes of the Northern Cyclades through the most charming nature trails. Explore traditional blue-and-white stucco towns overlooking the sea, as you immerse yourself in the story and culture of this ancient land.


experience 10 - hiking southern dodecanese, all levels

7 days of hiking and sailing from kos to rhodes

Navigate through some of the most magical walking paths to find charming remote villages and ruins. Enjoy the view alongside spectacular ridges, around breathtaking natural sites and over a Volcano Island. Make your way across the land for an afternoon rendezvous with your yacht and a refreshing dip in some of the clearest waters Greece has to offer.


experience 11 - culture cyclades, all groups

6 days of culture and sailing from athens to mykonos

Sail along ancient trading routes, explore ancient ruins, ancient temples and uninhabited ancient Islands. Get to know the stories of the people, their music, and the evolution of local arts and crafts.


experience 12 - cuisine & culture cyclades, all groups

7 days of cuisine, culture and sailing from mykonos to santorini

Setting sail from the world famous Mykonos, you’ll be taken along your own culture filled story through the Greek Islands discovering all the tastes, products, people and their stories. Get amongst the locals and experience true Greek culture and cuisine.

experience 13 - sport sailing, daring and advanced seafarers

10 days sport sailing from Athens to Rhodes crossing the aegean sea

Sail from Athens to Rhodes in a pure performance sailing yacht. Feel the extremity of nature as you safely and swiftly whistle through the Greek Isles. Experience the diversity, hospitality and beauty of both the Cyclades and Dodecanese Island complexes. Swim, Sail, Eat, Repeat through over 20 Islands.